Student/Parent FAQ

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    What does Textbook Tactics cost?

    The basic service is Free and gives access to all of our tutorial, and problem videos as well as college prep videos, the student calendar, tutor connection and access to volunteer info. We also offer ACT prep and College Advising Packages for a fee.

    Here is a look at what you get.

    Free Access to:

    • Over 1,800 Math videos covering Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and Pre-Calculus: including 400+ Tutorials
    • Practice Problem Videos that correlate directly to the most popular textbooks
    • Student Calendar
    • Free volunteer Info
    • Help finding a tutor in your area

    Paid Content: Coming Soon!

    • ACT Prep Full Test Prep for the ACT: 4 Practice Tests for all subjects including full written explanations for each answer, dozens of practice problem worksheets and hours of video tutorials
    • College Advising Help- Get help from our experts! You can find the cost in the Packages section.
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    What is the hourly rate for tutoring?

    Each tutor sets his or her hourly rate for tutoring. You can even customize your search for a tutor by their hourly rates.

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    How do I request adding my textbook series?

    You must join Textbook Tactics to request a textbook. To request a textbook series please send an email to that should include your grade level, where you go to school and the name and ISBN number of each of your textbooks. You can find textbook listings Here. If you don't find your textbook, request it.

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    Do I need to register for a Textbook Tactics Account?

    You will need to register for an account to access Textbook Tactics. You can register for a free account Here.

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    Can tutors see my child's profile?

    No. Tutors will never be able to see yours or your child's profile.

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    How do I cancel my membership?

    Cancelling a membership is easy, simply sign in to your account, click on "Manage Account", then click on "Delete Account" or "Cancel Account" if you are a tutor. Or if you prefer, you can send us an email at and we'll take care of the rest.

Tutor FAQ

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    What does Textbook Tactics cost?

    Textbook Tactics only costs $4.99 each month for tutors to maintain a profile. We do not take a commission when you meet with students like most tutoring companies. We are still a young company, if there isn't a tutor listed in your area, be the first to list your services!

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    How does Textbook Tactics work?

    It's really a simple process to get started. First click on the Join Today button on the tutor page. After you've entered in your information and entered your billing info you will be able to create your page. Fill your page with all the information as to why you're a great tutor, set your hourly rate and driving distance and submit a photo of yourself. Your photo, bio and any sample video of your tutoring expertise will require 24-48 hours to be approved by our team.

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    What is my hourly rate for tutoring?

    You get to determine your hourly rate for tutoring. It is advisable to look around first to get an idea of what similar tutors in your area are charging.

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    Where do I meet with my students?

    You will work with parents who contact you through the site to establish a meeting place for your tutoring sessions. Usually a coffee house or a bookstore is a great meeting place.

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    How can I increase my business on Textbook Tactics?

    In order to increase your business on Textbook Tactics we recommend that you keep your cost reasonable, follow up promptly with parents and work to earn the featured tutor slot for your area. Don't forget to include a picture of yourself, people like to see who they will be working with.

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    How do I get reviews?

    Encourage your students to post a review of you after their tutoring sessions. Tutors with positive reviews are much more likely to be contacted.

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    How do I get paid?

    As we do not come between you and the families that you work with, it is your responsibility to arrange your billing with your students. We advise setting up one trial session with students to see if you are a good fit. After that meeting, discuss payment options with parents.

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    Do tutors have access to the same content as students?

    No. However, we do recommend that tutors create a Free student account as well and use it to help recommend material to students to keep them up to speed from one lesson to the next. It is also helpful for tutors to use the site as a math refresher from time to time and to find helpful college prep advice for their students.